Freedom to grow


           By Frozan whose native language is Dari. 

MY school teaches us that each person is like a seed. We each have the power to grow, but we are only waiting for a good environment. The environment is what is so important. It must be right for the seed to grow. If the environment is not good then the seed cannot grow even though the seed has the capacity to grow. Why don’t seeds grow during the winter? It is just because the environment is not right. When spring comes they will grow because spring is the right environment for them. 

     The same thing is true for humans and the talents they have inside them. If the environment is good, then they will grow. But they also must be taken care of after they blossom or they will die. So we always need to have good gardeners to take care of us and to train us. Everyone of us has a lot of gardeners: our parents at home, the people around us, our friends, and our teachers at school. I think the gardener (if he or she works really hard) who has the most affect on us is our teachers. Whenever we get any important paper from our teachers, on the bottom of the paper is written: The young seeds should be taken care of.


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