Everything is in the view of it

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NEWS stories of elections for members of parliament in Afghanistan in October focused on violence, and polling stations that were prevented from opening. The story here, although of the type that is admittedly harder for journalists to get access to, is nonetheless of vital importance to a correct sense of progress in our world. It was shared with InterestEng. by our loved, young writer, Asia and her English teacher.  

Asia’s story to her English teacher was written spontaneously during their weekly lesson together.

Teacher, I passed our parliament elections! [Asia means she voted successfully for the first time in her life.]  We all voted as a family together and lots of other people, especially women, went to vote happily.  All of my classmates, my friends, my relatives and my family voted.  It was a beautiful day when we voted.  Everyone formed a long line to vote.  Some people were talking about this year’s election and some people were just quiet.  Women came happily, even with their kids. That was very interesting for me to see. You know what, I saw a little girl, she was only 4-years-old. I asked her, “What are you doing here?”  She said in her sweet and lovely child language, “I want to vote!”  It was very, very special for me and so I kissed her.    

After I voted I felt content and happy that I could help choose a person in parliament. When we choose a nice and intelligent person in parliament, they can do good works for Afghanistan and will choose nice people to do good works.  It means when we choose a good person, they can choose good too. They can work for Afghanistan and our people. I know that I attended an important event in my life and I feel so happy about it.  

After we voted my mom made a special meal of Kabuli Paval [a savory rice, raisin, chicken and carrot dish]. Then we all prayed. My father recited the Quran and we all prayed to thank Allah.  —Asia 

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