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We have things to learn from those who speak with quiet voices—and from experience. This story by Shaiq, from Afghanistan, is one of those things. This year Shaiq participated in the InterestEng. International Civics Class. This was one of the blogs he wrote for the project. 

     We would like to note that in the years Shaiq has been writing for InterestEng., his writing has so improved that this story needed virtually no editing. Congratulations, Shaiq!

DID you know that your own people do not have as many problems as refugees have? In Article 14 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights it says, “Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” 

     Refugees leave their homes and countries for many reasons. One of the reasons they leave is they don’t have all needs met that are important for a person’s life. Before they leave their homes and countries, some of those refugees have unskilled jobs and they don’t get paid well. Some don’t even have a job. If they have an unskilled job, that means everyone can do it, so that is why they get paid less. One of the reasons why some don’t have a job is because of a war that is going on. If they don’t have money, they can’t afford food, water, clothes and school supplies to send their children to school. They have water but the water that they use is not 100% drinking water. The clean water is far away from their house or the water is being sold in shops and they can’t afford it because they don’t have the money to buy clean water to drink. When they are jobless they can’t buy the warm cloths and blankets for winter to stay warm. All of this is because of a war going on in their country, not because they are bad people.

     Most importantly, refugees are in danger in their own country. They do not have peace because of the war that is going on. The place that they live is not safe. There is bombing every single day. Children can’t go to school because of the bombing that is happening. In that situation, their future will get destroyed by the war that is going on. If they go to other villages or cities still they won’t be safe because all the villages are in the same situation as their own village. Coming into a peaceful country illegally is dangerous because those refugees could get killed on the way or get lost in the ocean.

     A government should show refugees support and give them all they need. Refugees have the right to live in peace as other people in the world.

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