Do you love your name?

  Story by Zamzama,  from Afghanistan.  Zamzama is one of our newer writers. Her native language is Dari.




I LOVE my name! My name is Zamzama. [You can see how it is written in Dari below the photo.] My name means someone who sings. It is also the name of a well of water in Mecca. [Muslims believe this is the well that was given to Hagar (the second wife of Abraham) and Ismael when they were alone in the desert.] We say that when you are drinking this water, your heart will be clean. 

     My sister’s name is Marah. It is the name of a mountain in Arabia. The mountain is important for Muslim people because all our prophets went to that mountain. My little brother’s name is Fais. It means blessing. My older brother is Qais. It means someone who is loving.  And my little sister is Madina. It is an important city for Muslims. 

     Our father gives us our names. He picks a name that has a good meaning. 

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