My grandmother’s stories 



Photo: public domain



My grandma’s stories are always nice,
Stories from the past,
From honesty,
From respect,
And from love.
Sometimes I wonder about the joy of their lives,
When hearts were filled with love.
Trusts saw not limits.
I wonder . . .

When I compare my life with my grandma’s stories
I have never experienced trust and love.
In her stories, people were proud,
Proud of the work and the help they had given.
What are people proud of now?!
How rich they are?
Where do they get the money?
It is not clear!
In my time, I experience social inequality,
Some over-rich
And some die from poverty.

The poor are hurt and considered inferior.
I always wonder . . .
Does the money bring them happiness?
Does it bring them respect?
Does it let them sleep comfortably?
No . . .
Then, I wonder . . .

For the people who need
Let’s create a beautiful life, for you and for me.
Let’s create a bright future for the next generation. 
And that’s possible by saying “No” to corruption. 


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