Beauty and grace

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We welcomed Madina, a young student from Afghanistan, to InterestEng. in September. This month she tells us about her favorite thing to do: Wushu!

MY name is Madina. I live in a beautiful city that is 3,500 years old! I love my city.

     In 2017, I joined a Wushu sports team when I was 12 years old. Wushu is a Chinese traditional sport. It has two parts: Sanda and Talo. Sanda is fighting like free fight and Talo is a traditional form like Kung Fu Panda. I like Talo best because Talo is just in Wushu, but Sanda is in a lot of sports.

     I have now earned the purple sash. Purple is the 6th sash. Sash is a degree of skill. There are 15 sashes in Wushu: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, and red. The 7 remaining sashes are all black.

     We have to complete a test and pass it to get a new sash. It’s not easy because we have to practice our forms for months and then we must try to pass the test. I love all sports but Wushu is special for me. All athletes have a favorite sport. The reason I love Wushu is because I think Wushu is more beautiful than any other sport.  —Madina

Enjoy this amazing Wushu performance.
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