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Before reading the following story, you’ll want to watch this 4 minute video:  BBC VIDEO

     Freshta is one of our newer writers. She is not only a university student, but is also working for two different news organizations in Kabul as a journalist.  Here she changes roles and is interviewed by InterestEng. regarding the video above.  

InterestEng.  Freshta, we know you are a journalist and very interested in peace projects.  Tell us about the peace project you recently learned of in Greece. 

Freshta:  When someone from the next generation is working hard to make life better it is always very interesting to me. This example in Greece is an example for Afghanistan. As a journalist, I want to show the new face of Afghanistan because it is a beautiful face. This video shows a beautiful face of Greece. When two communities who have been separated by war and conflict find a way to come together, it gives us all hope.  It shows that people want to work with each other, they want to like each other.  The founders of this project say we should not focus on our differences. We should use what we have in common.  When we start with “I” there are problems, but when we begin with “we” we can find answers.  

 InterestEng.  What kinds of things do people do at this community center for Greek and Turkish Cypriots?

Freshta:  When Greece broke apart, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots had no way to connect with each other.  But when even one building gave a place for people to connect, there was immediate change. The building the two women opened is a cultural center where people are allowed to come together to play games, share art, open their minds to learning about others and make friends.  It is a place to be free.  In this place people can be themselves without fear.     

InterestEng.   Do you think such a project can make a difference?   

Freshta:  Yes, of course.  This project was started by just two people but it is becoming a center for many people and so, of course, it can change the country.  The families of these people have already begun to think differently and change.  They are all friends with other families and so there will also be change in their communities.  And so you can see how a small stone can have big ripples. 
     In Afghanistan our peace process has been a long process but in the world we have many examples where anyone, from any country, can have an impact and bring change.  Projects like these show you the power ordinary people have. It all began with talking with each other. From this I already have some ideas for myself.
     For example, women have different challenges than men in Afghanistan.  Men cannot accept a lot of things about women.  But if we allow people to come together and share their thoughts I think this can change.  In Kabul we already have some cafes where people come together at a specific time each week to talk to each other.  They are writers and they come to share ideas.  But there could also be a place where men and women could come together to try to understand each other better. I think it is possible.


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