Our multicultural country


Kabul. Image: public domain.


Asia is from Afghanistan and is studying to be an engineer. She is one of our newer writers.

AFGHANISTAN is a multicultural society. People from difference ethnicities are living in Afghanistan. For example: there are Hazara, Pashtun, Uzbek, Tajik, Pashai, Nuristani, Aimaq, etc. These people follow different cultures, therefore Afghanistan has numerous cultures and traditions. Some traditions are good, like our hospitality, our Eid celebration, our wedding parties and our cultural sports. But the restrictions on women to stay at home, or go out only with a male member of the family, to wear a burqa or chadary, these are not good. I think wearing the burqa is the result of ignorance and the lack of a proper education. I believe it was not Afghanistan’s culture, but was forced by outsiders on Afghan women.

     I believe hospitality is a great part of the Afghan culture. When guests come to an Afghan’s house, it does not matter if that person is rich or poor. He or she will be appreciated and welcomed as special guests and given whatever the hosts have at their home. I really value the hospitality of Afghans. 

     Afghanistan is an Islamic country. Like all Muslims people, Afghans have two Eids (Eid Fitter and Eid Adha). We also have the Nawroz (New Year’s) celebration. It is an ancient jubilee. On this day we go to scenic places for a picnic. For Nawroz, Afghan people make samanak, which is a traditional food. 

     Afghanistan’s wedding parties are different from other countries. A boy needs a lot of money in order to marry because he must spend a great deal of money on his wedding party. I feel sorry about that. It is very hard for working boys. 

Afghan Game Buzkashi

Buzkashi. Photo: public domain. 

     Afghanistan has many cultural sports. Buzkashi is a cultural sport of Afghanistan, especially in the north. People do this sport mostly in the spring.  Buzkashi means “goat grabbing” and is played with a dead goat and men riding horses.  

     Finally, I want to say that I’m proud that I’m an Afghan and grew up in Afghanistan. I love Afghanistan and its people. —Asia

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