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 Fairo is from Afghanistan and is studying to be a veterinarian. She is one of our newer writers.

USUALLY people associate with people who are similar to them and will ignore others, or even have an unpleasant behavior toward them. This is the cause of some people living far from society. 

     If you are such a person, you need to be strong. You have to try your best to be successful even with no support. It is not as easy as reading this passage. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE, because I am one of them. 

     I am a girl who is very short and thin. In my country it has caused people to not be kind to me. I used to be so sad from this. Why was I not like others? This was very hard for me. People never believed my real age. They thought I was a kid. I couldn’t find nice clothes according to my age and many other things like this. People were always kidding me because I am so short. From that I became very shy until one day my father said to someone, “No one is the same. My daughter is like this and someone else has another shape. Everyone is different from the rest.”

     It was then that I understood that I am not bad, only different. I am me. After that I never felt ashamed of myself again and I never listened to what people were saying. I attend to being good, happy, successful and kind to all nature. This makes me who I am. And this is my message to all others who are different from what people say is beautiful, “Don’t be sad. You are you. This is what makes life wonderful. Accept yourself for who you are.”  —Fairo 

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