A summer letter


Photos courtesy Mashal


Our young high school student from Afghanistan, Mashal, who has been writing for InterestEng. for several years now, surprised his English teacher this summer with an “unassigned” story!

Hello dear Teacher,

     I hope you are well.  I and some of my cousins went to a little mountain. I have some photos I took for you!     

     We didn’t climb very high because we left late in the day for the mountains and they were a little far away. I must say, in the mountains there was very, very good air. It was so clean!  We could see a lot of the city from up there, but we couldn’t see where I live because it was too far away. 

     The ground was dry because we have not had rain. We came to some streams but we did not drink from them because they were not clean.  I think it is because of pollution from the city. People have not been taught how to care for water.  But the air was very fresh and I liked that.  We saw cows and goats, but I don’t remember seeing birds.

      I liked being with my cousins and I liked being in the mountains.  It gave me feelings of joy and happiness, and I felt comfortable and peaceful there.  —Mashal

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