Rescued from ignorance: a love story

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  The Gentle One’s daughter getting her awards.



There are few relations that express a deeper and more pure love than a mother’s love for her children.  It can defy the most difficult circumstances. Here we have the great joy of sharing with readers the news that the Gentle One’s daughter received 1st place in her school’s final exams for the year. This is no small accomplishment and we sincerely congratulate this dear family.
     We asked the Gentle One to share with mothers some ideas about the importance of education and how she supports her children. It is a true love story. She sent her reply as a letter to mothers. 

Hello dear, respected mothers,

     I hope you and your lovely children are happy, healthy and successful. I wish you all health, patience, and success.

     Every mother is worried about her children and about their future. This is natural. And, of course, I was very happy and I felt proud of my daughter’s recent success in school because she is trying so hard to do her lessons well and work for her future.

    I always try and say to my son and daughter: Education is very important. It is the assurance of your future. By getting an edu- cation you can serve your people, your country and, finally, you serve yourself.  

    You must give your children an education no matter how hard the circumstances are.  A person will progress only by educating himself.  A person will have a better life through education because education rescues us from ignorance.

     With my respect to all parents,
      The Gentle One

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