A love story

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A couple of months ago we welcomed a special new writer to InterestEng. You know his mother. Our new writer is the son of
The Gentle One. We call him The Gentle Youth. Here shares a story about a day that made his little nephew very happy.  

I WANTED to make my little nephew happy so I made some toys for him. First I found some paper and drew different pictures and then I cut them out. I bought two clothes clips at a shop because I didn’t want to use my mother’s. With these things I made the toys.   

    After I made the toys I showed them to my little nephew. He’s 2.5 years old. He laughed when he saw them. Right away he said, “Give them to me!”  But I didn’t give them to him because I knew he would take them to his room and destroy them!

    It was fun to make them and it was nice to see my nephew happy. The most fun was drawing the pictures and cutting them out. —The Gentle Youth

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