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Many of you know our young friend from Afghanistan, Mashal, who loves to read and write stories.  Mashal graduated from high school and is now learning computer coding. In less than 2 months, he was able to code a learning game to teach children the capitals of all the countries in the world.  (Rather ambitious for a first app, we thought!)  
     To test your skill at capitals, click his app at the left and, below, enjoy his story.  Congratulations, Mashal!

FIRST I should say that coding is a very important field in our world today.  For solving many problems in the world, we need more young people to learn coding and use it in the best way!

    When my teacher asked me if I wanted to learn coding, I thought maybe it would give me some possibilities and I had the time, so why not? When I started learning and saw how interest- ing it is, like playing a game while you are learning, I liked it even more! And then I saw how coding can be used to make useful learning games for students. So I began to try to make my own app to help children around the world. I really liked the thought of this.  So now I’m in process of making a “CAPITALS QUIZ” app. Doing this app is making me want to learn more and more! 

    Because I know that coding is an important field and since now I know that coding is not hard to learn, I want to help other children learn coding too.  If I can make my own apps, and also help other children learn coding, this is very attractive to me. It is actually a very natural thing, I think, that I love coding!

     Finally I should say, I’m very, very GRATEFUL to have this opportunity! 


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