2000 Wedding guests


Planning an Afghan wedding? These photos here are from: afghanweddingcards.com


Story by Farida, whose native language is Dari. Farida is a graduate of SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan, and is studying for the first time abroad. She wrote this for her English class.

IN my country, wedding parties are very enjoyable. There will be around 2000 people in a normal Afghan wedding party. A wedding party lasts about 6 hours and they are usually during weekend nights.

     At wedding parties everyone tries to look the most beautiful they can look. Most of the people, men and women, go to beauty halls. Everybody wears the most beautiful clothes they have.

     The groom and bride change their clothes three times at a normal wedding. At the same time, the groom’s and bride’s friends change their clothes too. They first wear Afghan national clothes. Then when the groom wears the Afghan clothes called “Peran tubman,” the groom’s friends also wear Peran tubman. At this moment the bride wears a long, red dress called a “Sharara”. The bride’s friends and the bridesmaids wear a simple form of Sharara that is not as beautiful as the bride’s Sharara. The third dress for bride is the white dress. The white dress is the usual dress that brides wear in any other country. The third outfit for the groom is the usual suit that grooms wear in any other country.

     The groom must buy a very beautiful golden ring for his bride. He also should buy a golden necklace and other golden jewelry for the bride.

     There are special wedding halls for wedding parties. There are a lot of foods.

     There is a singer and music at each wedding party. There is dancing and some people, besides the singer, also sing. We have many different kinds of dances and music too. The music and dances will change as the groom and bride change their clothes.

     By the end of the wedding party, the groom and bride stand by the door and say goodbye to everybody while the singer sings a good-bye song. When everybody leaves the wedding hall, the groom and bride go to their house. Their friends will also go with them and celebrate that night among friends. They will not sleep the whole night. They will sing and dance.

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