When teachers cheat (3)




TEACHERS are special people. They have special work to do. Most teachers work very hard to help children and adults learn. They know that learning makes people’s lives better. But something sad happened in America in a city called Atlanta. It started seven years ago. Eleven teachers started to change the answers students gave on tests so the students would get good grades. When the teachers saw a wrong answer, they changed it to a correct answer. All the students got good grades. But many of the students could not read, write, or do basic math, but the teachers wanted to make it look like they could do these things. When the students went to the next grade the next year, everything was much harder because they did not learn the year before. Why did the teachers do this? What do you think?


1. “It started 7 years ago” means ...                       a. answers to correct answers

2. The teachers changed wrong  ...                        b. 2013

3.  “Correct” means ...                                               c. It started in 2008.

4. “The year before 2014” is …                                d. get

5. “Got” is the past tense of  …                                e. right

Finally, parents and other teachers found out what the 11 teachers were doing. The 11 teachers had to appear in a court of law to see if they should go to jail for the wrong they did. The jury [the people who decide if someone did wrong] learned that the teachers cheated because it meant they would get paid more money. It would make them look like good teachers. Some people said the teachers were not to blame [it was not their fault]. They said the director of the school demanded too much. The 11 teachers were afraid of losing their jobs if their students did not do well. But the jury said that 11 teachers were guilty [they did wrong]. The next part of the trial will be to see how long the teachers will be in prison. They could go to prison for 20 years! Why so long? Because they said that the teachers hurt the school and hurt the profession of teaching. But, most of all, the jury said that the teachers hurt the students. It did not help them learn and it taught them to cheat. The students trusted the teachers but teachers did not respect the students.


1.  A court of law is …                                  a. they would be paid more money if their students did well  

2. The teachers cheated because ...          b. a place where people must prove if they did right or wrong

3. “Profession” means ...                             c. a place people are sent to live in who do wrong 

4. Who were hurt the most? ...                  d. the type of work someone does to earn money

5.  “Prison” is …                                             e. the students


1.) Do you think the teachers helped or hurt the students?

2.) Do you think the teachers should go to prison? 

3.) How would you punish the teachers?

4.) Why do you think the teachers did what they did?


1.) You must earn students’ trust.                        2.) You must pay students’ trust.

3.) They hurt the profession of teaching.            4.) They hurt a profession of teaching.  

5.) When you cheat you hurt yourselve.              6.) When you cheat you hurt yourself.  

7.) Most teachers works very  hard.                      8.) Most teachers work very hard.

9.) The next part of the trial.                                 10.) The afterwards part of the trial.          


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