Too many children cannot go to school (2)



M ORE than 250 million school children cannot read, write or do simple [easy] math. Almost 120 million children cannot go to school. People cannot progress or get good work without education. This makes countries poor.  The United Nations says there is a “learning crisis”.  A crisis is a problem that cannot wait to be fixed. Part of the problem is that teachers do not have enough training. [They do not have schools or books to help them know how to teach.] Another problem is that families are poor and they cannot pay for school clothes or school books.


1.) Millions of children:   cannot read or write or do simple math   \   cannot sleep   \   cannot cook

2.) How many children do not go to school?:    120   \   120 thousand   \   120 million

3.) Without education people cannot:    work   \   progress   \   be free   \   all of these answers

4.) A crisis is:   a very serious problem  \   an important subject in school   \   a class for teachers

5.) “Progress” means:   to improve  \   to do better  \   to go forward  \   all of these answers

      Most children not going to school are girls. More than half of girls in some countries never go to school. Countries are richer when girls go to school. Some of the reasons why girls cannot go to school are: they marry early, they are too poor and must work, the traditions in their country does not let them. Many people say that this is wrong. That education is a human right. 


1.) In this story, in the third sentence, “richer” means:  

 have more money   \   have more progress   \   have more jobs

2.) Why don’t more girls go to school?:    they cannot   \   they do not want to

3.) “Tradition” means:    the way things have been done for a long time   \   the rulers of a country   

4.) “More than half” means:   more than 25% [percent]  \   more than 33%   \   more than 50%

5.) Many people say that education is:   a tradition  \   a custom \   a human right


1.) Why do you think education is important?

2.) Why do you want to learn English?

3.) Do you think girls need education?


1) Most children not going to school are girls.       2) Most children no going to school are girls.

3) There is not reason for girls to go to school.     4) There is no reason for girls to go to school.

5) Young girls have not ways to defend their rights.  6) Young girls have no ways to defend their rights.

7)  Teachers have no training.          8) Teachers have not training.

     1) Here is the simple rule: 

     Not is used with verbs.
No is used with plain nouns (nouns without “the” or “a”).
No is used to answer questions.


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