Not enough water in California (2)

First potatoe


CALIFORNIA has a very bad drought. For a long time there has been no rain. Now there is not enough water. It is called a drought when there is not enough water. The government is trying to stop the water from running out [from being totally gone]. Farmers will now help. They will use 25% [percent] less water to grow food. California’s government said people in cities must use less water too. People use water for their swimming pools and gardens. They use water to wash their cars. They use water on golf courses, football fields and soccer fields. Many people are afraid and angry. They say people should support their country and use less water. They say that water should be used to drink and live. Water should not be wasted in swimming pools. 


1. California has a very bad ...                              a. swimming pools and gardens

2. “Drought” means ...                                           b. to use less water

3. The government has told people ...                c. not enough rain and water

4. People must use less water for ...                    d. Because many people waste water.

5. Why are people angry?                                      e. drought

     Over 30 million people need water in California. The California water system is the biggest in the world. But it has many problems. Too many people want water. Farmers need water to grow food. They cannot grow food without water. But city people want water for their swimming pools. They say they are not happy without swimming pools. California’s population will soon be 50 million people. Even more people will need water.


1. Over 30 million people need ...                         a. something you must have to live

2. Farmers need water to grow ...                         b. afraid and angry

3. Rich people want water for ...                           c. their swimming pools

4. “Need” means …                                                  d. water in California

5. Many people are ...                                              e. food

6. “Population” means …                                        f. the number of people in a city or country


1) What things do you use water for? 

2) What things can people do to save water?

3)  Do you know people who waste water?  How do they waste it?

4) Should people use water to wash their cars and fill swimming pools?


1) people are afraid                                                           2) people are fear

3) the drought is very bad                                                4) the drought is very wrong

5) farmers will use 25% fewer water                              6) farmers will use 25% less water

7) farmers need water to make food                              8) farmers need water to grow food

9) there are much swimming pools in California      10) There are many swimming pools in California.


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