Words of experience

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While these words would be noteworthy coming from anyone, in the context of this author’s experience they are wise beyond the world.

MONEY is essential in our life. But we must realize it is not a trustworthy main goal.  

     Sometimes we meet people who say, “Money is not every- thing”.  This is not quite true if we are honest. Then there are people who believe that “money is everything.”  This also is not true if we are honest. We need a balance between these two views. People who say it is enough to just love and be happy, think for a moment of homeless people. Surely it is not right that they do not have money for simple shelter, clothes and food. Yet, what about people who have lots of things and still aren’t happy? They are not happy because they lost the meaning of life.  

    When we find a balance we find the right answer to money. I believe that money can help make life happy, interesting, exciting and that it is needed in our world today. With money, we can meet basic life requirements, such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare. If we don’t have this, a normal way of life quickly collapses. So we need to have a good, or depend- able, financial source. 

     But for those who make money their goal, they never really realize that the days they are spending blindly to increase all they have, is leading to a reduction of life in their life. So I think you could say that money like oxygen. Too little and we cannot live; too much burns us.  

                                                                                                                     —Amazing Syrian Mom

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