Teacher, an elephant made me late to school. . .

Photo courtesy Wolfegang Hasselmann


What would you do if an elephant crossed the road on your way to school (while you were walking). This month, our new writer from Kenya, Anita, tells us: “You wait for her to cross the road!”    

I AM writing to you this letter about wild animals that I have seen and how it feels to see them. I have seen the king of the forest, lions, and elephants, gazelles, a bear, buffaloes, antelopes, hyenas and different kinds of snakes and birds. I have seen many of these animals in parks. But on the way to school I have seen elephants and snakes, and at home I see some birds. 

     I don’t see elephants often, but I do see them. Sometimes they are close and sometimes they are far away. When they are close it feels a bit scary because you don’t know what is in their mind: they can stamp you with their huge feet or they can just look at you. Usually they are quiet. You wait for them to walk away. I also don’t see snakes often, but when I do it feels a little scary because some might try to bite you. I have seen all sizes of snakes: small, big and not so big. When we see a snake we are told to stand still and the snake will go away.  

     It always feels so magical and unbelievable to come across these beautiful animals made with no error or mistake. — Anita

The beautiful Meru National Park below is the park Anita referred to in her story. 

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