The best part of my journey


Photo courtesy Chia


Chia, our favorite classical musician, is from Iraqi-Kurdistan. He is currently studying at a conservatory in Italy but his young life has included many journeys.

YOU know how they say, “Life is an exam”.  In the exam there are many questions and many different parts.  It is very nice if you can do an important part of the exam early and pass it! The beautiful little boy in the video [below] was given a hard exam very early in life.  For such a little boy, what a huge exam to pass!  As anyone knows, when you do well on an exam you learn. It means he learnt. He learnt valuable things. He learnt things that will be with him his whole life. 

It was very interesting that on the boat from Greece, he saw something that was invisible to others. But it was completely real to him.  The white bears he saw were his “angels” and they were saying to him, “This is hard. But it’s not impossible! You can do this!” He learnt to never give up in the middle of the journey, until you reach your destination.   

I have been like this little boy.  It means so much just to have someone say, “Hello”. Or when someone gives you even a small thing it is so wonderful.  The hardest thing is waiting when you don’t know what is coming. You don’t know what you will eat or if you will have clothes.  It’s so hard to wait when nothing is certain. 

In some ways, this little boy is lucky. He was given such a huge test and such a test takes you from ordinary life to a not ordinary life.  You feel a power helping you that you did not know before.

This little boy will be content in life with just a small bed because he once slept on rocks. He will enjoy a trip on a ship someday, because he already made a journey in a small boat. He will enjoy every meal, because he knew what hunger was.  When you pass such a test, your life will not be ordinary.  —Chia

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