Solutions to rescue the achievement

Photo, John Towner, Unsplash! 

IT is well known that Afghanistan has progressed in the last 20 years. Ask any school girl. Ask any woman governor. Ask any woman lawyer, engineer, or musician. For example, there is our famous singer, Aryana Saeed. She has always worked to help women through her music and her life. Humaira Qadiri is another example. Humaira is a writer whose books tell women how they can be strong and successful. 
     So, the question is, what are the solutions to rescue the achievements of the past 20 years?
Retreat isn’t always successful. But also, to retreat isn’t necessarily unsuccessful. With the domination of the Taliban in Afghanistan some people left Afghanistan and some people stayed. Those who left the country, they wanted to be alive and so they rescued their bodies. Those who stayed in the country, their reasons are to rescue the country and the country’s achievements. They stayed to struggle against the Taliban and for the people who are now threatened.
     Those who stay and those who leave are both rescuers. But those who left the country, they have a bigger responsibility than those who stayed. They must improve their abilities and help the people who have stayed. They should work hard to improve themselves. They should get new knowledge and they should introduce the talents of the Afghan people to the world.
     All Afghans must have open minds and use the power of thinking now. This is not a time to act hopeless or helpless. We can rescue the positive achievements of the last 20 years. We must not give in now. —Journalist of Hope

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