When life is difficult, we have to make it better

The photo is not Seema’s mother. It is for illustrative purposes only.  Photo by Vignesh Moorthy, Unsplash!


InterestEng. is very privileged to work with a remarkable educational organization in the Pune region of India whose young teachers work in villages giving quality, life-changing education to remote village children. Seema is one of the dedicated young teachers. She also takes English lessons with The School Inside.  Her native language is Marathi. We are truly grateful to Seema for this touching story. 

MY mom wakes up at six in the morning and starts working. She is a housewife. She makes tiffin [Indian lunch people take to work] for us and also breakfast. We are 12 people in the house. She does all the work and is always a good woman. She has not studied so much but that does not keep her from being very supportive of all of us. She finishes all the house work at 10 am and then she goes to other farms to work the whole day.
     She works at the farms for us. She gets only 50 rupees for the whole day. She works this hard because she wants to give us a good education and a good life.  I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My elder brother does not see properly. My mother took him to Mumbai to the hospital for treatment. Now he is working for Canara Bank [one of the largest banks in India]. Also, when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, my mother supported me a lot and she fought bravely for my rights. 
     My mom did not get a good education, but she gave us a good life and good thoughts. I learned from my mom that when life is difficult, we have to make it better. We have to just do good things in life and keep learning more and more.  —Seema

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