When your proud belly gets in the way!


One of our wonderful long time writers from India, Nemaji, was asked by his equally wonderful tutor, Alix, to watch the video below and write down what there was to learn from it. While some of you may be familiar with this video (as we’ve asked students in the past to write what they’ve learned from it) we have to say, that we were truly amazed at Nemaji’s solutions . . . particularly his 2nd solution which no one has yet noticed as such a simple, obvious solution.  Well done, Nemaji! 

There is a lot to learn from this video. 

1.) Don’t use your strength in the wrong place. The moose and bear tried to defeat each other by using their strength. So both of them lost.

2.) Cleverness is better than power. The rabbit and the raccoon crossed the bridge because the raccoon had a clever idea. The two bigger animals could not cross each other because their stomachs were big, but they could have crossed the bridge with their backs to each other!  They could have done this trick.

3) It is necessary to give the knowledge we have to others, otherwise that knowledge is of no use. One example is the clever that the rabbit and the raccoon had. If they had told others, they would have used this knowledge too. Many wise people in our society meet us but they use their knowledge only for themselves. Such knowledge, it is of limited use.  —Nemaji

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