To send a story

     Send us a story! The story can be about you or your family, about your culture, or about something you think is important. If you are just beginning to learn English that’s O.K. We’ll help you. If we use your story, we will correct any mistakes and edit it, if needed. You agree and we agree that we are doing this as friends helping each other and you will not be paid. (We are not paid either.)  

1) To send us a story, you must be learning English as a language other than your native language.

2) If you are 17 or younger, one of your parent’s, or your guardian, must know that you are writing a story for us and add one sentence at the end of your story saying that they approve. If you cannot do this, explain why.

3) To send your story include: your full name, your age (if you are 17 or younger), the country you are from, and how many years you’ve been studying English. 

4) Send to:


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