Tour of a Russian Garden

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YOU'VE never quite lived until you’ve experienced a Russian garden first-hand. Rich soil, hard work, and generations of know-how make them staggeringly productive.  The video below was done by one of our young English students named Yulia. Thanks to Skype, Yulia’s grandmother has become friends with a few grandmother gardeners in America. After some gentle prodding, Yulia agreed to try to make a video for her grandmother’s friends and use her English skills to give them a tour.  Very kindly, Yulia and her grandmother also agreed to share their video with you. The video below was taken on July 3rd.  A winter of unusually heavy snow (even for Russia) left snow on the ground until the beginning of June—including below zero temperatures at night.  Yet, after only 3 weeks of spring temperatures, we think you’ll be amazed at the growth of Yulia’s grandmother’s vegetable garden!


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