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The following extremely interesting story is by a new author.  Mohamed is a talented young engineering student from Egypt and is currently taking English lesson with The School Inside.  Welcome, Mohamed!

IN Egypt, a lot of our village people work on enhancing tourism. We try to maintain the city clean. Some of the businessmen build hotels for tourists and other businessmen give great attention to agriculture and to healthy foods for tourists. You might be sur- prised to know that many of the sellers in the tourist markets can speak several languages but cannot read or write any language— not even our native Arabic.          
     These men are very intelligent but, for various reasons, were not able to get a good education.  If you get low exam scores, for example, you must enter an occupational training school to be trained as a technical expert in a specified field. Often, the stu- dents that go into the occupational training schools did not learn well because their families needed them to work before graduation. Most
 of them work at tourist gift shops. They turn into little sellers and have to learn how to deal with any tourist of any nationality. They begin to learn the attractive buying sentences and words like BIG SALE, EXCLUSIVE OFFERS, and “Please take a look at . . .,” etc.
     They quickly learn how to deal with the tourists and finish a bargain with them. All these words and sentences they have to be able to say clearly—and they have to understand the tourists' replies in many different languages. And believe me, these sellers have the ability to learn all the sentences in few weeks and not more than that.  So, clearly, these young men who were not able to continue their education but who, in a few weeks are able to speak and understand five or six languages, are very smart. Given opportunity and real educational support, they could be international tutors of a lot of languages. —

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