If I answered honestly . . .

We asked several of our students to read the story at the left in the “Key Decisions” story game. Here are their answers. 

    If I answer as a reader, I want the boys to not share with the rich boy because what he’s doing is not right. But if it happened to me in real life, I know I’m a coward and would share because I would not want the rich boy to lie about me and bring shame to my family.  —Pelagaeya 

    I would not give to the rich boy! If he says he will lie about me I will say to him, No matter! What is important is that I know the truth. I will know always what I did and you will always know what you did.”  —Mashal 

     I think the poor children would share since poor children are usually very generous.  

I think maybe they should give the rich boy a piece of watermelon because poor people are kind and should stay kind.  —Madina


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