For my parents’ sake

Kavita is a young teacher working in the Pune region of India giving quality, life-changing education to village children. She also takes English lessons with The School Inside. Her native language is Marathi. Recently, students were asked to read a story by India’s famed children’s author, Ruskin Bond, and then write their own ending to the story. Here is Kavita’s touching ending. 

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AN old man with a long, white beard and bright eyes, stopped on the road and looked up at me.  I was sitting on a branch of a tree. I was 10. 
     “What’s your dream?” the old man asked.                                        It was a surprising question coming from a poor, old man. “I don’t remember,” I said.  “I don’t think I had a dream last night.”                          
     “A dream, my boy, is what you want most in life!  Isn’t there something you want more than anything else?” 

Kavita’s ending—

     “I don’t understand, old man. Could you explain what you are asking me in an easier way?”              
     “I am asking you what you want to do in the future with your life.”            
     “OK, now I understand.  I have dreams but I don’t know if I have the right dreams or dreams that I can fulfill. Can you tell me how I can fulfill my dream?”            
     “Tell me your dream so I can help you.”                
     “My family is really poor because my parents are earning only daily wages. We don’t have enough money to survive. They want to give me an education even though they can’t fulfill their own dreams. They are seeing their dreams in my future. They want to give me a better life and they want nothing else. They are making many efforts for me. I can see it. I really want to give them that kind of happiness which they really deserve.”       
     “Oh! What a meaningful dream you have! You can fulfill your dream, my boy, don’t worry. You are good enough to do this no matter how hard it is. Make an honest effort for it and you will get success.” 
     “Really will it happen?”  
     “Yes,” said the old man with confidence. “Just be honest and make a hard effort to do it.” 
     “Thank you very much for guiding me and giving me such confidence! I promise you that I will work hard and make my dream come true.” 

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