A teacher’s summer thoughts


Photo courtesy Susan Stark


For several years now students in Nangi, Nepal have been enjoying English lessons via Skype thanks to the tireless efforts of Toya. Toya gets students to the lessons, works his magic on the school’s aging laptop and climbs moun- tain peaks to upgrade the internet equipment. Here he shares the inspiration that drives his devotion. 

WHEN I was growing up it was a very difficult time for educa- tion for poor children.  Only children from rich families had a chance go to school.  But I am very lucky I got the chance to go to school even though I was from a poor family.  

     I believe that every child has abilities and capabilities, therefore I want to free their talents.   For that, education is the most important thing that supports and develops their skills and talents. I have a dream that every child should get the chance for a good and qualitative edu- cation that will help assure a happy and good life. But such an education also helps people think about the betterment of their community and country.

     Therefore all year long, and year after year, I work very hard. I am not thinking about myself. I am thinking about the hundreds of possibilities that are there in our youth.  —Toya

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