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Seema is a young teacher working in the Pune region of India giving quality, life-changing education to village children. She also takes English lessons with The School Inside. Her native language is Marathi. Recently, students were asked to read a story by India’s famed children’s author, Ruskin Bond, and then write their own ending to the story. Here is Seema’s wise, insightful ending that she can use with her students. 

AN old man with a long, white beard and bright eyes, stopped on the road and looked up at me.  I was sitting on a branch of a tree. I was 10. 
     “What’s your dream?” the old man asked.                                         
     It was a surprising question coming from a poor, old man. “I don’t remember,” I said.  “I don’t think I had a dream last night.”                            
     “A dream, my boy, is what you want most in life!  Isn’t there something you want more than anything else?” 

Seema’s ending—

     The young boy said, “Yes, I have a dream!  I want my own big school so I can go every day to school and learn there.” 
     The old man said, “Hoooo, my dear boy, that’s great! But why do you want your own school? Why not go with other students to their school and learn with them?”  
      But the boy said, “Noooo! I want my own school where only I am learning and using all the play equipment and also free to play on all the ground.  And I want my own car, then I won’t have to walk all the way when it is cold or raining.
     So the old man thought and then said, “My dear boy, I really appreciate your thoughts, but do you really think a school just for you would give you happiness? Don’t you want friends to play with? Don’t you think you need other students to help you study better? Think my dear boy!  You can have your dream fully for you and also for others.  Do not think only of yourself.  If you study with others, you will learn faster, you will be happier.  You want your own car, but what about the others? Think my dear boy!”  
     Then he looked at the young boy and gave him a big smile.
     From that time the boy really started thinking.  Now what do you think the boy thought?  

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