The Eager Elephant who wanted to learn English

Photo courtesy Hannes Wolf, Unsplash!


Our friend, Nemaji, is a deeply committed teacher. He works with Akshara, in the Pune region of India, teaching in its primary school system. Nemaji's native language is Marathi. He takes English lessons with The School Inside and is now using his English skills to write little stories in English for his students.  Good for you, Nemaji! 

ONCE upon a time there was a baby elephant. His name was Eknath. Eknath had big ears and blue eyes. One morning he walked in the jungle. He found an English book. He was very happy and very excited to find that book.      

     He picked up the book but he couldn’t read it. Eknath went to the jungle and he found a good reader. It was an old friend. His name was Eagle. They were good friends. He gave the book to his friend Eagle. Eagle took the book and opened it. The book had many colorful pictures with the names. They looked at the pictures and were so happy. Eagle started to read the book. The book had all pictures starting with the letter E

     Eagle said, “Eknath, please read with me. I will teach you how to read.” 

     Then some friends came along and joined the reading. Eagle said “Hi... everyone please read with me.” 

     They started with an egg. Then eye. Then e for ear. E for engine. E for eight. E for eggplant. E for earth. 

     Eknath said, “Ohhh… my name also starts with the letter E.” 

     Eagle said, “My name also starts with letter E.” 

     They all enjoyed the book and then went back home. —Nemaji

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