Students’ Day


Photos courtesy, Toya


A wonderful group of teachers in Nangi, Nepal study English with The School Inside. In this story, the teachers told us about their annual Students’ Day, September 14th, including several fun photos.

TODAY was our Day of Students.  We did many things to celebrate. First, we walked around our village for two hours in a rally.  We talked about children’s rights and shouted slogans and shared these ideas with villagers.  For example, the children made signs that said, 

“Let’s stop child marriage!”   

“Let’s emphasize children’s rights.”  

“Everyone should send their children to school!”  

“Stop child violence!”   

     Everywhere in our big village you see resting stones. [See photo at left.]  Here people can rest on their way home from traveling or from working in the fields.  After marching for two hours we returned to school to rest awhile. We ate some good snacks, like cookies, and then we started a game that is a little like the game Blind Man’s Bluff.  The game made the children laugh very hard!  The children were very happy while they were playing the game. We also liked this part of the day because the children enjoyed it so much. But we liked most the rally with the slogans.  Children all over Nepal were participating. We liked their energy during in the rally . . . and they liked it because they did not have to study today!  

Toya, Om, Sangam, Sunil, Sujit

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