PICC (#1)

PICC stands for Problem solving, Innovative thinking, Creativity, and Curiosity—and it goes hand-in-hand with learning anything, including English! This simple Disney story, for example, was read by some of our younger students. That was the easy part. They then used their English skills to explain what they thought caused the problem—and how they would solve it.  See their answers below the story. 

     “They need to take turns. Moose should go first because he started first on the bridge. [See first photo above.]” - Zumrad, (Tajikistan)

     “If one of them loses his pride, there will be no more problem.” - Yulia, (Russia)

     “If they held on to each other, instead of fighting, they could slowly turn around and not fall off.” - Mashal, (Afghanistan)

     “They need to lose weight. Then they could go past each other!” - Matvae, (Russia)

You can watch the video here that the students watched.


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