Leaving Skype to set foot in Nepal


Photo courtesy Susan Stark


The following special story is from one of InterestEng.’s loved tutors who affectionately goes by the name, Kaz. While living in Spain, Kaz had been teaching children in the mountains of Nepal. But she has now left Skype for Nepal itself where she’ll hike high up into the mountains to reach the village of Nangi, where the children she has been tutoring live.  She kindly agreed to send us reports (and photos!) along the way.  Hurray!  Happy travels, Kaz!

— September 12, 2017 / Kathmandu 

KATHMANDU, the capital of Nepal and my starting point, has been great and intense. Mahabir Pun—the man who first brought the internet to rural Nepal—is super famous here.  [Editor’s note: It was through contact with Dr. Mahabir Pun that InterestEng. was able to make contact with Nangi and begin tutoring both teachers and students in the village. See this month’s special story from Nangi: here.]    

     Everyone from tour guides to waiters to taxi drivers know and admire Mahabir Pun. He opened a café in Kathmandu and all profits go toward developing and maintaining rural schools and health clinics. I’ve eaten there several times and taken other people I’ve met there. I leave Kathmandu in the morning and go to Pokhara. From there I’ll be trekking for about 4 weeks. I have e-mailed Toya [our contact in Nangi] to find out what school supplies the school would like me to buy from money I’ve raised. I’m so excited about it all!  Until my next update, —Kaz 

 Photos courtesy, Kaz


Swayambhu temple - not too damaged in the 2015 earthquake.


Panamoric view of Kathmandu from the temple.


A temple dedicated to the goddess of learning and this is where students come to pray before exams.

To learn more about the truly inspiring story and work of Mahabir Pun, we encourage you to take time to watch the following video.

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