100 words or less: readers write

Photo courtesy Jeremy Wong, Unsplash!

In September, InterestEng. ran a story (here) about students writing short stories of 100 words or less and invited readers to try their hand at writing a story about the above photo. Two brave readers took us up and sent in stories.  Thank you!

Reader Jan wrote—

A young couple were to be married.  She loved horses.  They were totally new to him.  They were given a mare named Dawn as a wedding gift.  She and the bride taught the husband how to ride.  The mare had a foal. They trained him together to be another great riding horse.  He built her a covered riding arena.  Children came to ride and love the horses at this beautiful farm.  They held clinics for people in the area to gather and share their love for these magnificent animals.  I loved this couple.  They were very dear to me.  (98 words!)

Reader Mamosta wrote—

They could not get married in a church. It was against their government’s laws. The bride said, “What is the next best place to a church?”  The groom answered, “Where there is love.”    …..A horse walked the bride down the aisle.  All the other horses watched and neighed. And after the wedding, they ate the flowers.  It was a very special wedding.   

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