The joy of teaching

InterestEng. screen shot


The people working with InterestEng. and The School Inside are all volunteers.  That means they get paid the richest gifts by their grateful students: colored pictures held up to the screen that say, “I love you,” songs sung joyfully by a chorus of six little students or, in this case, a flute “concert” that we are happy to be able to share with our readers.

Dear Teacher,

After many years I have met my old friend the flute again.  This little video is really nothing, but it is for you. I played the theme of the 1st mvt of the New World Symphony by Dvorak.  

Your student, Chia

Editor’s note:  Once you click the white play arrow, it takes a moment for the video to load. Let the video play a couple of seconds and then start back at the beginning and it will play normally. 

Video courtesy Chia

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