Apricots and Peaches

Photos courtesy Alona


For years, Alona and her son, Andrei, took English lessons together.  Now that he is at university, Alona continues her English lessons alone. Her creative stories are favorites with readers.  This “tail” is sure to be no different. 

ONCE we were left without our loved cat. He lived with us for almost eighteen years. The loss was so painful that we thought we could never have another pet; not a dog, not a cat. It took some time, but it became clear that without a cat, we also could not live. 

    On the eve of my husband’s birthday, my husband and I decided to buy a little ginger happiness. In the evening we brought the kitten home. My husband was very pleased with the gift and it was a very happy surprise for our little boy! 

     The kitten was cream-rich with beautiful huge eyes. The next morning, my mother came to congratulate her son-in-law. She stood happily at the door holding a frightened little red kitten with white paws in her arms. She said that she wanted to buy a bouquet of flowers, but when she went through the market she saw an elderly woman who was giving kittens away to “good hands”. My mother could not resist. She brought this little fire miracle home to us as a gift. We doubted whether the cats would live together happily because they were both little boys. But they were immediately great friends and two wonderful pets for us. 

    Marquis de Apricot and Baron de la Peach, as we called them, (Marquis and Baron, for short) have been pleasing us for eight years now. It turned out that (at least in the world of cats) they are both intellectuals. We are very pleased they have each other. They play together, eat together, talk together and relax together. Very often they take symmetrical poses. There’s always a tempta-  tion to photograph them!  —Alona

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