There’s no taste like home!

Photo courtesy Aziz Acharki, Unsplash!

This month we have the joy of welcoming a new writer—and our first writer from Morocco!  Halima is now studying in the U.S. at a community college. Since the time she was a little girl, she has dreamed of being a teacher.  Her native language is Arabic but she also speaks Berber. She has been studying English almost 9 years. In her essay below, she reminds us what a strong and deep connection there is between food and home.  Welcome, Halima!

I would love to tell you about my country’s foods.  It is crystal clear that everyone in this world loves food. There are a lot of people who love to try so many kinds, and I am one of them. Therefore, I recognized that Moroccan food is straight forward the best. I am not saying this because I am from Morocco, but because it is the best for real. The most popular dishes we have are: First, couscous. Which is made with steamed semolina, topped with veggies, meat, and broth. People can eat it by using spoons, but you have to use you hands if you would like to feel its real taste. Second, Morocco is also known by the Moroccan tajine, it is a clay cooking pot and whatever is cooked in it we call it tajine too. Last, but not least, there is Rfissa, which is my favorite dish. It is basically made with shredded trid pastry (crepe-like pastry) topped with organic chicken, onions, lentils, and broth. There are so many other dishes but these are the top ones. All in all, I think the secret behind the yummy taste is the spices we use and that we eat with bread and our hands.  —Halima

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