The wedding guest

Nemaji is a very gentle man and deeply committed to teaching children to be all they can be. He works with Akshara, in the Pune region of India, in its primary school system. Nemaji's native language is Marathi. He takes English lessons with The School Inside. 

Photo courtesy Pablo Heimplatz, Unsplash!


FIVE years ago I lived on the MUWCI campus. [United World College Mahindra College, India.] I was working on campus. At that time I started night school. My night school teacher’s name was David. He was a very good teacher. He taught me wonderful English. I was learning for the first time how to speak English. David and I created a very friendly relation with each other. 

     That was in the year 2014. That year I got married. I specially invited David to my wedding. My wedding was in my village. David came to my village two days before. He came with his girlfriend. Her name was Emi. I was very happy because it was the first time foreigners came to my village. All the villagers came to my house to meet the foreigners. People didn’t understand what David said to them. All the villagers only looked at him and they asked me what we said to each other. At that time I was not confident speaking English, but I was still better than the other people in my village.  I explained in Marathi and then the villagers understood. Sometimes the villagers spoke with them by body language and they spoke the same way with the villagers.  

     In my village were some college students. They understood English a little but they were not speaking it very well. They came to my house and they spoke with the foreigners. They only asked questions. What is your name? What is your father’s name? What is your mother’s name? What is your grandfather’s name? All the students asked the same questions.

     The foreigners enjoyed our wedding! David wore a kurta and Emi wore a sari. They learned lots of things. —Nemaji 

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