The letter “Q"

Writers for InterestEng. were given the assignment to chose a letter of the alphabet and make up a story of how that letter came to be. In this totally delightful story, Alona tells us how the letter “Q” came to be.  Alona is from Ukraine and has studied English for several years. Her family has two wonderful cats which might account for the following . . .


Photo courtesy Andrei


THIS is the story of Q you never knew!

     “I’m really grateful to you!” the Alphabet Maker said one day to his cat.  

     “It sounds a little funny to talk like that to my cat,” the Alphabet Maker thought, but it was true. Whatever time he came home, his cat was glad to see him. His cat always came to sit on his lap or on his drawing table while he worked. And if he was in a bad mood, the cat rubbed his furry cheek on the Alphabet Maker’s face and raised his tail like a question mark as if to say, “What’s the matter, Master?” 

       The cat purred songs to him in his beautiful cat language and looked lovingly into his eyes. The Alphabet Maker would forget all his problems and treat the cat to something delicious to eat. When he read a book he read to his cat and, of course, if he went to the kitchen, his cat helped him prepare everything. In short, the cat lived all his life next to the Alphabet Maker to keep him happy and help him stay warm when it was cold outside.

     One day, the Alphabet Maker decided he must create a letter that would honor this furry-tailed friend of all men. “This letter,” he thought, “should not be used too often because cats don’t like attention. So the letter should be rare—but it should look as beautiful as when my cat sits quietly, gently twitching his tail. 

     This is the story of Q you never knew. 

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