Kind little stories

Illustrations courtesy, Story Bird.

Students learning English are often given pictures to look at and write about impromptu during their lessons. Often they do the assignment “kicking and dragging their feet” because it’s HARD to write in a language you are just learning!  But their results are always wonderful as you’ll see.


RABBIT is a very clever and beautiful animal. She rides her bicycle well and carefully. One day she bought some fruit at a busy market and took it home. She bought red apples and yellow pears. When she arrived at home, she saw her friends. So she invited them to eat fruit together. They told happy stories as they were eating because they were happy friends.  

     But suddenly a big cow came and started to eat their apples. “Stop! Stop!” said all the happy friends who were not happy now.    
     But the hungry cow said, “But I love apples and I am very hungry.”

    Then the sad, little rabbits said, “O.K. Eat our fruit and we will go to the market to buy more.” 

    The big, hungry cow answered, “You are very nice rabbits.  Because you let me eat your apples, I will give you lots of milk.”

     And all the kind rabbits were happy again.

                                                                                                            —The Gentle One  (Afghanistan)


THE weather was windy. Hedgehog always loved it when the wind blew hard. This day he was wandering in the woods looking for food. (To tell you the truth, he would wander even if he didn’t need to find food. Hedgehogs are like that.) When he walked by an apple tree there was suddenly a strong gust of wind. Before you could say, “Oh, dear!,” the hedgehog thought, “The whole world just fell on my back!”  He ran quickly back to his little hole-house.
     When he bent down to go through the door, to his surprise, a big red ball rolled in before him. It smelled quite delicious but 
he didn’t dare eat it because he was a very sensible hedgehog and didn’t want to eat the world.
Polina (Russia)

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