Between a dream and reality, a step called . . .

     Mohamed is a special young man from Egypt and one of our newer writers. His native language     is Arabic, but he has been learning English for several years and now takes lessons with The School Inside.  He’s also an inventor!  Here he gives us an insight on the real meaning of a new invention called the “Haptic Baton”.   

VAHAKAN Matossian is a creative person. He follows his father steps with helping people. His father developed a control system to allow disabled people make music again.  Now his son, Vahakan, helps disabled people like his father. He invented what is called a haptic baton to allow visually impaired play music with a conductor. The baton senses and converts all its movements, rolling and pitching, to vibration signals that the musician feels through simple straps worn on each leg.      
     Kyungho Jeon is one of the beneficiaries of this device. Kyungho’s dream was to play with an orchestra but his blindness prevented him from following the conductor, so he ended up playing solo pieces only. Kyungho
s blindness was the inspiration for Vahakan to invent this magic baton. Kyungho was really excited because he finally met the person who helped him realize his dream.  He told Vahakan, “Your baton draws the music as a vibration picture.” At last Kyuhgho and all visually impaired people can play with an orchestra.               
     Nowadays dreams can come to reality in many different ways, you just have to believe that it can be done. Follow your passion and don’t stop dreaming. Between a dream and reality is a step called “decision,” the decision that you always deserve better. Never give up and let your dream go, even if you can’t achieve it. Having a dream is much more better than having nothing.  —

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