A perfectly polite cat

Students learning English are often given pictures to look at and write about. Here our wonderful long-time writer from Ukraine, Alona, takes the assignment to its heights.  Enjoy!

BARRON was a perfectly polite house cat.  He was very happy to sleep on the cushions of his Mistress’s bed. He ate very well (that is, a lot) and the thought of having to catch his own breakfast NEVER entered his head.  

    Like any talented cat, he knew how to purrrrrr very well.  But he didn’t know anything about mice because he lived all his life in a very comfortable, proper city apartment. Then one year on New Year’s Eve, under the New Year’s tree, there appeared a little mouse!  It was a very brave, little mouse because he grew up in the city on the city streets.

     Barron’s eyes became VERY BIG.  “Whoooooo are youuuuuuu?!” he asked.  “Are you Father Frost?!” 

     Mousey saw the big, fat cat and thought to himself, “Such a BIG, FAT cat must love to eat MICE like me!  What can I say to trick this BIG, FAT cat?!” (Barron, of course, never had such a thought to eat a mouse because he didn’t know that mice are eatable.)  Quickly, Mousey answered, “No, I am not Father Frost. I am a Very Important Person!  I check to make sure all the presents from Father Frost arrive in their right houses.”      

      The mouse then became even more tricky and said, “Don’t you know that Very Important People need to eat dinner?!”

      Of course, Barron (because he was a perfectly polite house cat) quickly got the mouse some cheese.  Suddenly, the Mistress of the house came into the kitchen and saw Mousey on the table with her best cheese from France in his mouth. (She had been saving it for her guests on New Year’s Eve.)  Even worse, she saw her perfectly polite cat making friends with him! 

     The Mistress of the house screamed like all mistresses who see mice on their tables do. Her cat decided that she was very surprised to see a famous VIP person of in her kitchen. The very clever, brave mouse with a piece of cheese in his teeth instantly disappeared from the table and darted under the kitchen stove. Baron was sad that VIPs are allowed to leave without saying goodbye. But he was very proud of himself. Throughout the festive evening he purred about his friendship with a famous VIP person to all the Mistress’es guests. They petted him and laughed when he told them that perfectly polite house cats do not catch mice.  Never.


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