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Seema helping a child.
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InterestEng. is very privileged to work with a remarkable educational organization in the Pune region of India called Akshara. The young teachers work in villages giving quality, life-changing education to remote village children. Seema is one of the dedicated young teachers. She also takes English lessons with The School Inside.  Her native language is Marathi. Here she writes about the accomplishments of the past school year. 

I WOULD like to tell you about the innovative things which were happening in my life last year. I also learned so many things from my students.
     I work in the Akshara project as a teacher. I teach 1st to 4th grade children.  I teach math, Marathi, and English and use innovative activities to teach all these subjects. Last year we started working in the Sadhna English Medium School. When we started teaching in Sadhna, I was teaching math, art, and language, working with the Sadhna teachers because they didn’t know how to make the subjects clear and also they did not know how to use activity based teaching.
     After 2 months we realized that the teachers were not working properly because they were not showing their interest in the students. As a result, we started developing a language lab for the 1st to 3rd grade classes.  The lab was open every day from 2:15pm to 4pm. We opened the lab because we knew that language is the pillar of academics. When we started working at the Language Lab, I and my teaching partners, Kavita and Nemaji, were thinking about how we could make the lab work easy and clear. To us, a Language Lab means a place where students can learn very happily through activities. I divided my class in two groups.  One group was the 1st and 2nd graders and the other group was the 3rd graders. 
     We encouraged students to read a lot in English and Marathi. We also introduced a lot of activities to improve their concentration skills. We did story telling through role play and other things to build their imagination.  The students did skits and role playing based on the stories they had read. This motivated the students to read a lot and enact the story in class. We also developed a mini-library for the students in language lab.
     Also I’m taking higher education classes for teachers. I attend many teachers training courses which helped my academic growth.  All these experiences taught me many things and showed me my capacities. —Seema

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