The concert that couldn’t be cancelled

    Most of you know our friend, and favorite musician, Chia who is now studying at a conservatory in Italy. When his graduating recital was cancelled, like a true musician, he not only continued to practice every day, but redoubled his efforts to work harder in the rare, large amount of time he suddenly had to practice.  
     In late May he received an unexpected call that his concert would go forward. Instead of an audience of staff and students, it would be live-streamed on YouTube so that, in the end, his far-away family and many friends around the world could “be there”.  If you would like to be there, too, the concert will be live-streamed on Thursday, June 11th from 8:30 - 9:30 am in Italy.  (That is 2:30 am EST on June 11th.)  

     The link is:


Here is a very short clip of a practice session. Click the arrow on the black load bar, wait a second, and it will begin!


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