My innovative year

    Kavita is a bright, vibrant young teacher working with Akshara working in its primary schools. Kavita’s native languages are Hindi and Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside.  Here she writes about the many special things that happened during this past school year. 


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I WOULD like to tell you about last year and the innovative things that happened.  I work as a teacher in the Akshara project. Last year Akshara started working at Sadhana English Medium School. I teach history, art and language in the Sadhana School. I had never taught history before. I was quite nervous at the start because I didn’t know how I would teach this subject without any experience.                
     But then I thought, “Why not? I must try this.”  
     I discussed 
how could I teach them with an experienced teacher of history. After that I got many ideas. Also, I read the history book and with each chapter I read I found many kinds of activities that were very innovative and fruitful for the students. They learned very happily with their enthusiasm through the activities.

     When we started working in Sadhana, we realized that the main need of 
the students was language development because language is a very important pillar in academics. As a result, we discussed our observation with the school principal. During the discussion, the idea of a language lab came into our mind. A language lab is a place where a student can learn very happily through activities.
     We then developed a language lab in the school just as we imagined! It was really a special place for students where they were always excited to come.   
     I also attended many teachers' training courses which were helpful for my academic growth. This year I am starting my further education in Masters of Art in Education.  
     These are some things that happened in the last year and taught me many things and showed me my capacities. —Kavita

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