Life is extremely beautiful

Photo courtesy Pravin


Pravin is a “presence” in any room—even through a computer screen on Skype. He works as an Administrator with Akshara, a remarkable educa- tional organization in the Pune region of India. Pravin takes English lessons with The School Inside, but it was only 2 years after meeting weekly with him that we learned that, nine years ago, he had lost a hand and both legs. Pravin has more than surmounted a physical setback, he lives totally unconfined and unimpressed by such a small thing as a body.

I WAS totally devastated and heart broken when the unfor- tunate incident of mine happened. As mentioned in my earlier mail, I feel extremely happy to help others as I can put myself in their shoes who, too, are sailing in the same boat as me. Initially,  I lost all hope of living but, gradually, gained mental strength after getting myself associated with others. I came to learn that life is extremely beautiful even with lots of challenges. I realized that my problem is not as big as some others’ problems. I wanted to help those who are physically challenged like me. My accident led me to take a survey of all the handicapped people living in the surrounding areas. I was shocked to come across 1,250 handicapped people like me when I visited the Mulshi region (the place where I live). I formed a Trust for all the disabled people. The running cost of this fund comes from various people’s contributions. Out of these, I helped 450 people and tried to engage them in various activities to lift their morale. Many people approach me with various problems (even people without physical challenges) and I try my best to boost their confidence. 

     Through this work my acquaintances spread far and wide. These people motivated me to stand for the local election and I took the challenge up as I am not afraid of failure. With their love and support and, by the grace of GOD, I won the election. As a result, people’s expecta- tions of me have increased. I could feel their pain and tried to ease their sufferings. I get immense satisfaction by getting involved with them and want to see them all happy. Only my financial constraints prevent me from helping more people. —Pravin

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