I teach and I learn

     Nemaji is a very gentle soul and deeply committed to teaching children to be all they can be. He works with Akshara, in the Pune region of India, in its primary school system. Nemaji's native language is Marathi. He takes English lessons with The School Inside. 

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I HAVE two primary schools as well as the Sadhana School that I teach in.  One school is the Ravdewadi School and the second and third schools are the Kule School and the Sadhana School. I taught English, maths and Marathi. We made a language lab in the Sadhana village English Medium School.
     I attended lots of teacher training programs in Pune. I was taking these teacher training courses with other primary school teachers. It was a learning process for me. How to take training?  We also visited other module schools.
     I took admission for my further education in Masters of Art in Education. But this course is very challenging for me because the course is in English.  But I will try very hard to understand the assignments.   
     Also I learned lots in The School Inside, especially new words, grammar, writing assignments, stories, how to make sentences and how to have confidence in speaking English. The School Inside is very important for me because they help me learn English. —Nemaji

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