When mountains wake up

Nathan Anderson

For years, Alona and her son, Andrei, took English lessons together.  Now that he is at university, Alona continues her English lessons alone. Her teacher gave her the assignment, recently, to make up a story about the photo at the left. This delightful story is the result. [Photo courtesy Nathan Anderson, Unsplash!]

 MOUNTAINS have a long, unhurried life. They don’t mind waiting. Many generations pass, but the mountains still look up, waiting. Their peaks grow towards the stars hundreds of thousands of years, confidently knowing that nothing can stop them.  The seasons mischievously change each other, but they don’t change the mountains. 

   When the first star appears in the sky at night, the mountains wake up. They sleep while the sun shines. The sun burns their snowy peaks.  And it shines so loudly that the whisper of the Milky Way can’t be heard. So the mountains wait for the sun to slip below the horizon so they can hear what they wait to hear every day: the whisper of the Milky Way.

     On clear, cold nights she fills the sky and tells the mountains the story they love best: where they came from.  She says, “Do you know that each of the atoms of your strength is composed of star dust? Everything that surrounds you on Earth, even our galaxy and all the universe, is born from stars.”

     And when the Milky Way finishes her story, the mountains feel like stars. —Alona


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