The cow jumped over the moon . . . but why?


Students were recently asked to look at the pictures above and make up a story about them. The task was to use their English skills as creatively as they could. Here, Polina, our wonderful writer from Russia, shares her version of the cow that jumped over the moon. 

A COW had been eating grass all day. It was a long day. But finally the day was over and it was time to be milked. But, suddenly, the cow saw the moon for the first time and wanted to fly over it. (Maybe she was sleeping or maybe not, but she thought that she flew over moon.) 

     The next morning the cow’s owner came to milk her and noticed that something was wrong. The milk was blue! The owner was afraid to drink the milk, but she was a clever business woman so she managed to sell it to someone else. She said it was very rare milk guaranteed to give you the best cheese ever. (Blue Cheese)  —Polina 


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